Responsible Gaming BetVisa

BetVisa has met all the standards of safe and licensed gambling for many years, but in addition, the platform emphasizes and supports responsible gambling, to protect its customers and users from unnecessary problems and risks while playing and betting. The platform combines modern gaming processes, high-quality standards, and the safety of its players.

BetVisa believes that there should also be some restrictions on gaming and gambling entertainment. It should be an enjoyable pastime and an interesting form of entertainment for a huge audience. No customer should feel uncomfortable when playing or being on the official BetVisa site, so it is necessary to bet with high responsibility.

A few tips for playing responsibly from BetVisa

Gambling is primarily an enjoyable pastime that makes people happier. Below you will be given a couple of tips that will help you not to face the opposite consequences of gambling:

  1. Gambling is not always a way to make money and sometimes you should not take it as such;
  2. When gambling, use the money you are not afraid of losing;
  3. Never try to recover losses;
  4. Set yourself a monetary limit;
  5. Do not gamble in a frustrated or depressed mood;
  6. Choose for yourself other activities than gambling;
  7. When gambling you should not drink too much alcohol, as it may cause even more problems.

Warning Signs of Gambling

Unfortunately, some people can sometimes go too far into gambling, here are a few symptoms of this dangerous addiction:

  1. Restless or irritable state when wanting to stop gambling;
  2. Your thoughts revolve solely around gambling;
  3. Wasting your time and games on gambling;
  4. Trying to deceive family and loved ones about your extent of gambling;
  5. Loss of important fields of activity, and family career due to gambling;
  6. Resorting to gambling to avoid problems, anxiety, and depression;
  7. Neglect of family members, and work commitments because of gambling addiction;
  8. Numerous attempts to quit gambling, lead nowhere;
  9. The need to gamble with increasing sums of money to increase the excitement;
  10. Theft, borrowing, fraudulent gambling money;
  11. Numerous requests for help from loved ones to reimburse lost money;
  12. Thoughts and desires of suicide because of gambling problems;
  13. Fights with loved ones over losing money and gambling;
  14. Willingness to return to gambling even after losing.

If you notice such signs in people you know, it is better to seek help right away.

Gambling addiction testing

If you notice signs from the previous list, you can easily test yourself for addiction by answering “Yes” or “No” to the following questions:

  1. Have you ever spent time gambling instead of working or studying?
  2. Do you feel negatively affected by gambling?
  3. Do you feel guilty about gambling?
  4. Have you resorted to cheating to get money for gambling?
  5. Have you ever tried to quit gambling, but all attempts were unsuccessful?
  6. Have you ever lied about losing?
  7. Have you lost friends, loved ones, or your job because of gambling?
  8. Have you sold things to find the money for gambling?
  9. Have you gambled to the end of your money?
  10. Have you ever borrowed money to gamble?
  11. Do you feel a decrease in performance from gambling?

If you answered “Yes” to most of the questions, you should seek help.

Channels for help

If you feel addicted to gambling, several sites can help you:


Gambling and minors

It is strictly forbidden for those under 18 years old to play on BetVisa. Any lies or concealment of true information will result in the immediate deletion of your account.

Controls for parents

If parents share devices with their children, it is recommended that parental control be installed to help avoid visiting unwanted sites. You can use the services available: